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For more than 40 years, Dick Lawrence and his identical twin sons, Jim and John have built a tradition of artistry in glass. The Lawrences work in two studio shops located in the unique village of Nashville, Brown County, IN. The Lawrences got their start in the glassblowing business in 1967. Dick Lawrence was a professor at Ball State University and would spend the summer months practicing the art of glassblowing.

fter spending many years perfecting the craft, the family decided to settle in the established art colony of the Midwest. Brown County is not just a place of residence for the Lawrence Family, but a source of daily inspiration. Its beautiful scenery and wildlife have enriched the subjects of their sculptures and figurines.

The Lawrences love working in front of people and welcome you to Nashville to watch them work. "The whole family is full of hot air," John jokes. The Lawrences often respond to their audiences with playful banter and a good hearted joke, which fools the viewer into believing that what they are sculpting is being easily accomplished. In reality, it requires a great deal of technical and artistic skill. "Its been a great joy to have been surrounded by my dad and brother all these years, who have been my greatest critics, as well as my greatest fans. Through their encouragement, we developed the incredible skill of flameworking we have today, to  be able to produce the variety of product that we do," Jim.                                                                                                                          


A quick glance around their shops today, testifies to their ability to create a wide assortment of intricate pieces of delicate glass. The clarity and brilliance of glass are exquisitely captured in the figurines and sculptures made by the Lawrence Family. The Lawrences thank you for your continued support and wish you the very best, from our family, to yours. 
        The Lawrences today - Jim, Dick, and John blowing glass